Social Media: Building Healthy Habits

October's topic applies to all of us: How do we create healthy social media habits?

There is a lot of talk about the effects of social media on mental health, with articles detailing the risks as well as the rewards of mobile engagement platforms and apps.

Just like eating, exercise, or sleep, we can train ourselves to have healthy habits and attitudes toward social media. Here are a few tips that are valuable to socialites of all ages:

1.) Set a limit and stick to it. Whether its a daily time limit, a day of the week away from social, or a set time each night to log out, a limit can be really helpful.

2.) Remember that people only post the good stuff. Its easy to criticize yourself or feel inadequate if you compare your life to what you see on social media. People often don't share the frustrations, setbacks, and bad hair days.

3.) Close tabs and alerts when you need to focus. Social media can be a great tool for keeping up with people and trends, but it can also be a terrible distraction. When you're in the middle of something important, work on tuning out the " noise" of social media.

4.) Seek out face to face connections. Social media will never replace the value of face to face conversation or physical presence. Make time to connect with people in person.